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Are you interested in film making?

Are you interested in being involved in a unique and dynamic project about the history of young people in West London? The project is called ‘The History of Community Activism in Southall’ and is funded by Heritage Lottery. We are looking for 20 young people – aged 16 and over – you could be a pupil, student or someone looking for work or free to learn a skill – who would be interested in getting involved in making a film or creating an exhibition, website or booklet.

The project will teach you the following skills: 

documentary film techniques, camera skills, interview techniques, film production, sound capture, creating content for project websites, exhibition & booklet and conducting research.


Saturday 7 December 2013 [10am to 4pm]

• Introduction to the project.

• Using Oral History to make a documentary: understanding the benefits, pitfalls and challenges of oral history and its methods.

• Understanding film techniques; shot distance and angle, camera movement, editing techniques, manipulating time, sound and sound effects.

• Understanding documentary film making with particular interest to the project at hand.

Sunday 15 December 2013 [10am to 4pm]

• Hands on camera training; using a tripod, white balance, exposure, focus and composition.

• Putting some of the film techniques learnt in day one into practice.

Sunday 12 January 2014 [10am to 4pm]

• Sound capture: hands-on use and understanding of different microphones, getting good sound levels and looking for faults.

• Lighting with natural light, reflector, house lights and portable lights.

• Collecting cutaways; movement and 3-point filming.

Saturday 18 January 2014 [10am to 4pm]

• Interviewing; Setting up a physical interview space (placement of people, camera, sound, lighting)

• Body language (eye contact, listening, responses)

• Type of questions (open, closed, specific, supplementary)

• Summarising for paper edit, lodging with archives and to collect relevant cutaways.

• Developing questions for the interviews.



If you are interested in reserving a place, please contact:

Suresh Grover M: 07816301706 | E:

If you need further information about the Project, please contact:

Balraj Purewal E: | M: 0788 2537336


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